Cerisa cherries: the most delicious cherries in the world

A cherry should have cork, is what we learn from the best cherry grower in the Netherlands. The Cerisa has a long green stalk with cork. A cherry loses its juices through the stalk and this thin layer of cork, which will also be picked carefully, ensures the cherry will remain its moist and contains blissful.

Only the best

Cerisa cherries ripen on the tree, you can certainly taste that. The cherries are picked by hand between June and August, carefully checked and placed in the special packaging. Only the first choice cherries in the covered orchard makes it to the Cerisa boxes, and that’s about five percent. Therefor the Cerisa is a truly limited edition.

By selecting the best cherries from the unheated Dutch greenhouses, chefs are able to put the Cerisa on the menu for longer. With no compromising in the taste, the breed, ripeness or size. And of course with the best taste. The harvest from the greenhouse seamlessly switches to the outdoor harvest, from the cold soil.

In The Netherlands and Belgium, the Cerisa cherries are exclusively available at Rungis
Combinations with the Cerisa

This absolute top class cherry has a real bite. Cerisa cherries are at least 28 mm and have a heart shape. Thanks to the relatively small seed, you have a lot of delicious flesh. Cerisa cherries are great for using in sweet dishes. In desserts, the taste truly shines when not too much sugar is added. Fresh and light are the key words. Also champagne and prosecco and the Cerisa are true friends, combined in dishes or pure in the glass.

Cerisa cherries are also great to use savory in salads and starters. The beautiful acidity and even the slightly bitter taste of the cherry makes the savory combination delicious and exciting. Try combining them with products as asparagus, foie gras or lobster. But also with tomato or burrata you can definitely taste the cherry aroma and the juicy structure of the Cerisa.

Why i work with them is very simple: because of their reliability, quality, availability and our friendship. Everything that’s important for a ‘connection’ you can find in this company.

Rungis is my eyes and ears. They know exactly what fits our vision: the purity of a product which we can make something beautiful with.