Colorful strawberry varieties

When spring is there, our strawberry range gets more and more colorful.

At Rungis we always go for the best quality. That’s why we have a wide variety of strawberries in all kinds of colors and with different flavors, but always in the best quality.

The strawberry season starts early with the Lambada. An extraordinary tasteful strawberry with lots of flavor and an incredible sweet taste. A little further in the season, our strawberry range gets even more colorful. Because after the Lambada we can also add the fresh wineberry, the aromatic strawberry and the French gariguette.

Lambada strawberries

Article number 120007
From the end of February to mid-June

Taste: Deliciously sweet and aromatic with a soft consistency. The strawberry for the gastronomes.

Preparation: Keep pure.

Combine with: This strawberry is at its best with classic combinations such as Suisse cream, meringue or white chocolate mousse.

Kennedy strawberries

Article number 120031
From April to May

Taste: A pink strawberry with white flesh. Creamy and soft and with a very aromatic scent. A true delicacy.

Preparation: Keep raw, so the unique taste comes forward.

Combine with: For example, combine with melon and almond.


Article number 120006
From the end of March to August

Taste: Deep-set seeds. Great sweet taste with the aroma of raspberry.

Preparation: Keep raw and pure.

Combine with: For example, with tuiles and vanilla sauce.



Article number 120001
From the end of March to August

Taste: These strawberries have a fresh-sweet taste reminiscent of pineapple.

Preparation: Keep raw.

Combine with: As decoration on cakes and pies. In salads or with champagne.

Wild strawberry

Article number 120002
From June to July

Taste: A small wild strawberry. Fragrant with a strong aroma and an exquisite taste.

Preparation: Keep raw. This strawberry is delicate and soft.

Combine with: Classy addition to exquisite patisserie. Very popular in France.


Artikel number120041
From the end of March to June

Taste: An elongated strawberry from France. Light fresh and concentrated taste. A beautiful soft strawberry,

Preparation: Process raw and use marinated

Combine with: Delicious when processed into salads or with a classic ‘Charlotte’.

Dutch strawberries

Article number 120011
From April to August

Taste: A firm strawberry with a good taste. Good and long lasting. The breed depends on the season, elsanta or sonata.

Preparation: Keep raw, for example in a smoothie.

Combine with: Great to process into salads or just eat them as a snack.

Mara des Bois

Article number 120019
From May to July

Taste: Beautiful sweet with a strong perfumed aroma. Tastes a bit like the wild strawberry.

Preparation: Keep raw to make the flavors pop.

Combine with: As a healthy snack on the go or process through desserts.

Green strawberries

Article number 120046
From April to August

Taste: the perfect unripe strawberry. A beautiful fresh-sweet taste and a crispy bite.

Preparation: Keep raw.

Combine with: Great as a fresh addition to different dishes.

Rungis is my eyes and ears. They know exactly what fits our vision: the purity of a product which we can make something beautiful with.

You can hear it everywhere: they deliver quality. Thanks to them i'm always assured of good stuff. When buying the right ingredients, your already half way there.