Masia el Altet olive oil

Masia el Altet has a very small production because they only produce oil from their own trees.

The trees are fed by the mineral groundwater that comes from the surrounding mountains. Masia el Altet is a family business founded in 2006, the history of the orchard and the estate dates back to the 17th century. The taste makes the difference, you have to experience yourself!

30 km from the sea and 800 meters high

Masia el Altet is a family business, founded in 2006 by Mr Jorge Petit, together with his wife Clara and his son who is also named Jorge. The name Masia el Altet refers to the area where the olive grove and the mansion from the 17th century are located. In Spanish, Masia el Altet literally means ´situated up-high’. The olive grove is just 30 km away from the Spanish Mediterranean coast and, at the same time, 300 meters high, between the two natural parks Sierra de Mariola and Font Roja.


The location and position definitely makes the difference, the microclimate of the cold winter but also the warm Mediterranean wind and sun gives the extra virgin olive oil a number of exceptional and dinstinct features resulting in an exceptional value.

Small production from own trees

Masia el Altet has a very small production (about 80.000 bottles a year), because they only produce oil from their own trees. The trees are only fed by the mineral groundwater, the water they get comes directly from the mountains which lie in the surrounding natural parks. “Respect for nature that surrounds us and the olive trees is a priority. The local and limited production is the key to achieve the highest quality” says Jorge.

Olive varieties

“All our four olive oil varieties come in 500 ml glass bottles, are all extra virgin and have the same exceptional quality. This is why the varieties have similar names. Differences between the four, arise from the different varieties of olives that are processed. Thanks to the use of several species, each olive oil tastes different.”


Not only the content of the bottles is extraordinary, but also the packaging is important. The design exudes quality. The imprint is applied by mean of screen printing and the capsule is ‘non-drip’. For the imprint of the luxury bottle of high Quality they used 14CT of gold.

The favorite of chefs

Since 2007 chefs like Soenil Bahadour, Marco Poldervaart and Francois Geurts choose Masia el Altet olive oil for their dishes or on the tables. We’re very proud of that. Internationally Joël Robuchon is the ambassador of Masia el Altet.

Collaboration between Masia el Altet and Rungis

Rungis is a fruit and vegetable specialist for the Dutch restaurants and food professionals. Rungis will always choose for quality. Our full range would be available at only half the number of suppliers. But not in this quality. Masia el Altet oil fits like no other in this philosophy. We see Masia el Altet olive oil as a base for starters, the possibilities are endless. Maison Verte is the exclusive importer of Masia al Altet in the Benelux since 2007. The ultimate mission since then is to inspire the higher segment gastronomy with products of exceptional quality.

I choose Rungis because of the consistently high quality, because they have a lot of Japanese products in their assortment. And because they're a precursor.

With fruit and vegetables, we’re delighted we can work with Rungis. In addition to our regular products, we can also get our special products. Mini-vegetables and extraordinary herbs and flowers.