Yuca maniok fries

The crispy cassava fries from South America.

Yuca, maniok, yam or cassava, this South American tuber is known by many different names. Rungis offers you vacuum cooked yuca fries, which you only need to bake shortly. These yuca fries don’t need any breading to become crispy and stay crispy for a long time. Even cold they stay crispy.

Compared to normal potato fries, yuca fries absorb 20% less oil during cooking and even 30% less than sweet potato fries do. The yuca fries also lose less weight during frying.

Yuca fries have an important cultural place in the South American kitchen. Thanks to the simple handling of this product, the yuca fries are also becoming more popular in The Netherlands. Yuca fries are a perfect side dish or a great base for street food dishes. The yuca is a great source for good carbohydrates and is naturally gluten-free and vegan. This makes the yuca fries a perfect and healthy alternative to potato fries.

Yuca fries are super easy to prepare. Just bake them for about 4 minutes, just like potato fries. Beautiful crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Yuca maniok fries

Article number 261033, bag 2,5 kilo

Taste: Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. A full and natural taste.

Preparation: Easy to prepare, the same as potato fries.

Combine with: Great as an innovative side dish.

Vacuum cooked yuca fries. The bag, where the yuca fries are vacuum cooked in, is also the packaging we deliver the yuca fries in. There’s 2,5 kilo of yuca fries in one packaging. To make sure the yuca don’t turn brown too quickly before frying, a small amount of the antioxidant sodium metabisulfite is added. To give you a sample: a handful of nuts or two glasses of red wine contain more of this antioxidant than 10 kilo of yuca.

Yuca fries are also more sustainable than potatoes and sweet potatoes. To produce 1 kilo yuca 82 liters of water is required. Against 383 liters of water and 284 liters with potatoes and sweet potatoes. The plant can handle a lot  and also brings a lot, even on the dry grounds. That’s what makes the yuca, even when the climate is changing, a plant that’s easy to grow and care for.

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