Mary V tomato juice

A tomato juice that can win over even the biggest tomato juice hater

Nick Bril, the chef who runs two-star restaurant The Jane in Antwerp together with Sergio Herman, has been busy with tomatoes. And not just an ordinary tomato, but the Tomimaru Muchoo-tomato. A pink tomato with lots of umami tones. This tomato is the basis for the Mary V tomato juice. Together with salicornia, lime juice and balsamic vinegar that provide the acidity, extract from the fermented soy for the depth and extra bite and water from the Oosterschelde for the finishing touch. But besides the special flavors, it’s mainly the texture that makes this tomato juice extraordinary. No concentrates that makes the juice heavy and thick, but fresh juice that provides a thin and easy to drink texture.

Mary V tomato juice

Article number 190056, box 24 x 200 ml
Article number 190055, gift box 2 x 200 ml

Nick Bril worked four months on the developments of his Mary V tomato juice. His main goal was creating a new type of tomato juice with natural and complex flavors. So for this tomato juice, only the best ingredients and techniques were used.

Because of its rich and unique taste palette, Mary V has become a culinary juice. Mary V is made from pure juice and is therefore perfect to use as a mixer in cocktails, mocktails or many other applications. This healthy juice is ideal as Virgin Bloody Mary, but also provides a great basis for a vinaigrette, hot sauce of other culinary uses.

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