About Rungis

Rungis is the fruits- and vegetable specialist for the Dutch restaurants and food professionals.

Together we will surpass expectations

In everything we do we always chose quality above aything else. Our entire assortment would be available at only half of the suppliers. But not with the quality we guarentee.

That’s why we choose to find the absolutely best quality for every of our almost 4000 products we ship.

What we stand for

Our team

We are proud of our customers. Respect, passion and ambition is what characterizes our collaboration.

How can we grow with you?

Our team

Rungis in the media

Over here you´ll find a list of articles and items about Rungis or with the cooperation of Rungis that appeared in the media.

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Cutting kitchen

With our modern equipment and expertise we can process your desired order carefully and fast. Sometimes with machines, sometimes by hand but always focused on the right results.

See what our cutting kitchen can do for you

Talent to the top

Upcoming hospitality talent is very important for Rungis. We help the professionals of the future to grow through excursions, guest lectures and seasonal information about fruits and vegetables.

Talent to the top

Our history

The history of Rungis started many seasons ago. The passion for fruits and vegetables from founder Gert Jan Zonneveld Piek even gows further.

Our history


We´re happy to help you further! Do you have a question about our products or maybe we can help you in an other way? Please contact us. We also love to hear what you make out of our products.


You can hear it everywhere: they deliver quality. Thanks to them i'm always assured of good stuff. When buying the right ingredients, your already half way there.

With fruit and vegetables, we’re delighted we can work with Rungis. In addition to our regular products, we can also get our special products. Mini-vegetables and extraordinary herbs and flowers.